The big book of fashion illustration by Martin Dawber


Whenever I enter a book store, I walk straight towards the fashion books, pull out the thickest, and balance myself against a shelf studying the breathtaking couture dresses, unusual creations and utterly beautiful women. The pages seem endless and the images are mesmerising. Then, I turn the book over, and there on the back is the price. They usually range from £15 to £60, and before now, that was money I did not have.

After much saving up and persuading my mother that this would be a huge investment in my future, I finally bought those exquisite books.

The first arrived today.

The big book of fashion illustration by Martin Dawber.

True to its word, this book is simply beautiful; every page is flooded in the most intensely captivating images by various illustrators. The book cost me £19.99 and takes up a huge chunk on my bookshelf with 384 pages. I could probably write an essay about every page, but I wont, instead everyday few days, I am going to post a new entry; “Artist in the spotlight” This might be a designer, illustrators or anything else that tickles my fanciful fancy to be honest. So. Lets begin shall we?




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