Getting creative for Christmas

Being a poor student this year meant I had to put on my creative cap when it came to presents. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen dying chocolate pink and folding cream into dulce de leche. Alongside the edible delights I also made a mother of pearl shell bracelet, which went down a treat! 

At about 10 o’clock on Christmas eve when I was putting all the presents together, I suddenly realised I didn’t have anything to put the chocolates in. So using left over wrapping paper I made these cute boxes, which were just perfect! I also made another box and a lid for the bracelets!
I also made pink macaroons and salted caramel truffles which were to die for! The fantastic recipe can be found here –
 Chocolate slab – inspired by Hotel Chocolat 

 These little chocolate wafers made fantastic presents for Christmas and look ever so pretty! I used quality white and milk chocolate, and then dyed some of the white chocolate pink to make it extra girly!

 Little heart sugar cubes

I ordered some beautiful mother of pearl shells in a button shape, the pastel pink colour is just stunning and it’s truly dazzling when it catches the light. I soldered on a silver plated clasp and chain and then placed it in a little handmade box. My mother and sister were thrilled! 


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