Beautiful Christmas Presents Unwrapped

You may have noticed in my past blog posts that my family and I originally decided against present giving, and instead spent time and money on special family moments instead. However, my mum surprised my sister and I by still treating us at Christmas! Here I take a look at all the lovely things I received this year. Culinary Treasures …
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Last Minute Christmas Chocolate Medallions with Shimmering Almonds

I served shimmering chocolate medallions last year for Christmas, and they were so popular I have made them again. They are pretty little things when placed on a nibbling tray beside spiced nuts and frosted cranberries, and make perfect sweet snacks in-between the never-ending feasts. I used shimmering almonds, raspberry flakes, gold shimmer dust and icing snowflakes to decorate mine,…
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Countryside Chic with Clarks

Somerset is looking particularly beautiful right now. There are wreaths on every door, twinkling lights all through my town and quaint little markets selling homemade liquors and preserves in the centre. I absolutely love Christmas in the English countryside and it’s made even better when family members return home, like my sister Zoe who is the beautiful lady in these…
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