The big book of fashion illustration by Martin Dawber

Whenever I enter a book store, I walk straight towards the fashion books, pull out the thickest, and balance myself against a shelf studying the breathtaking couture dresses, unusual creations and utterly beautiful women. The pages seem endless and the images are mesmerising. Then, I turn the book over, and there on the back is the price. They usually range…
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Artist in the spotlight – Nina Chakrabarti

Nina Chakrabarti is a unique and dynamic artist originally from India. Having moved to England in her teens, she studied at the prestigious art college, Central St. Martins, before enrolling in The Royal College Of Art. Her work requires much patience, skill and awareness of line and scale due to the detail and precision of her art. She works with…
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Artist in the spotlight – David Downton

David Downton is one of today’s most well known fashion illustrators, his work has appeared on the covers of several publications, and used for advertisements the world over, not to mention all the celebrities he has personally drawn. It is the remarkable attention to detail and awareness of space and lines, which makes his work so unique and stunning. Downton…
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