Happy 2012!!!

2011 has really been the year of changes and looking back it’s hard to believe so much has happened all in one year!

  • Finally finished college with A,B,C
  • Received offers from Falmouth Arts, Newport and London college of Fashion
  • Moved house for the first time in my life
  • Moved to London
  • Said goodbye to PC’s and hello to MAC’s
  • Met the most amazing people at university
  • Got over lifes hurdles and grew from them
  • Experienced Love & loss
  • Assisted a Vogue photographer at fashion week
  • Went to the same fashion show as Anna Wintour!
  • Met celebrities in London clubs
  • Learnt to fry an egg
  • Failed at making an omelette
  • Learnt to walk in high heels everyday
  • Discovered that squid tastes amazing
  • Mastered the London underground
  • Got lost on the London underground
  • Sipped Dom Perignon in Mayfair clubs
  • Danced next to the DJ’s at the ministry of sound’s top 100 DJ awards
  • Shopped vintage at bricklane
  • Saved a friends life by spotting her meningitis symptoms
  • Spent entire days getting lost in the V&A and natural history museum
  • Got shamefully drunk at university
  • Discovered that margaritas are the most vile drinks on the planet.
  • Watched the oxford Christmas lights get switched on
  • Became more independent
  • Finally read the millennium trilogy – which is AMAZING
  • Spent a weekend with my mum in south Kensington
  • Got back into art and drawing
  • Developed my fashion portfolio
  • Turned down a job interview at Harrods
  • Partied in a onepiece at mahiki with the made in Chelsea cast
  • Appeared in (the background of) a vogue video 😉
  • Cried my eyes out at the last harry potter and realised it has been part of my life since I was 6 years old.
  • Turned the big two zero
  • Drunk too much, cried a bit, laughed hell of a lot and learnt valuable lessons. 

A big thank you to all my followers who have supported me throughout the year and wishing you all a fantastic 2012! 🙂 

2012 – lets make this a good one!

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