Nina Ricci Perfume

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself. Although, these “well deserved spending splurges are becoming more daily habit then occasional treats. Following suit for the rest of the week, I thought it was completely necessary to purchase ‘Nina’ by Nina Ricci for £40; the fourth perfume this week. Oh, where did my mother go wrong?

To be honest I think I’m more in love with the bottle than the liquid; the apple shaped bottle in tropical sunset red cupped with silver leaves looks perfect on my vanity table. Marketed as a “fairytale” fragrance, it doesn’t fail to leave the wearer spellbound and mesmerized. With delectable notes such as Calabrian Lemon, Love Apple and White Cedar its heavenly floral hints enchant and captivate. Its fun and flirty aroma is similar to fruit flavoured sweets basked in sugar. Once the sweet but tarty lemon notes begin to wear off, the heart notes are fruity and mouth-watering due to the jasmine Sambac blossom with fusion of raspberry. The moonflower and vanilla becomes the dominant base note leaving a gentle and caressing aura to your skin. One could say however, the notes are somewhat childish, balancing on the line between sweet and sickly. But through the sugared jelly sweets, pink candyfloss and sweet icing memories there is a truly magnifying fragrance, which leaves you spellbound.




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