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People have often described my style as chic, elegant and classic so I’ve decided to do a breakdown of my key style elements that make up my everyday look. 
Through out my life I’ve often struggled to look “casual”. Even just lounging around the house requires pearl earrings and an element of sophistication. I don’t like to let myself go, not even in my own presence. If I have to go to the local grocery shop in Somerset I will wear a pretty dress, a chic jacket, my pearls, a large handbag and heels. Chances are I won’t bump into anyone I know and its very unlikely I’ll meet the man of my dreams in the local Waitrose, yet its still important for me to look my best. Since university I have struggled with “fitting in” with the grungy nights out. A night in Mayfair sipping Dom Perignon? I open up my wardrobe and I’m spoilt for choice. A grimy rave in Shoreditch until 6am? I have absolutely NO idea. Don’t get me wrong, I love chilled student nights out and early morning dubstep raves, but every time I prepare for one I feel like I’m fooling someone. By the time my friends have appeared in denim shorts (I do not own a single pair), flat shoes and an oversized tee depicting skulls and song lyrics I’m usually still stood in my underwear contemplating how on earth I can pull off ripped tights without looking like Kesha. Through out my teenage years I never attempted the chav, emo, or goth look and I’ve always dressed older my then my peers.
I definitely think I’ve dressed more conservatively since I’ve dyed my hair blonde. I’m battling against a preconceived idea that girls with blonde hair all desire to front Playboy and be Hugh Hepfner’s number one “wifey”. I do not. I find it shocking that almost every day in London I get perverse comments from men despite showing absolutely no skin at all.  Hearing “Wouldn’t mind a bit of you” from across the road is now such a common occurrence that I don’t even bother acknowledging it (not that rolled eyes, or a look of disgust seems to deter them anyway!). All these comments and yet I’ll be wearing thick black tights and a loose dress covering my arms and chest. I’m dreading having to get my legs out in the hot weather for fear of being eaten alive.
For me it’s all about looking classic without appearing old fashioned, it’s getting a balance. 
What you’ll find in my wardrobe 
      Colour Palette – You’ll only see me (except on VERY rare occasions) in muted colours; blacks, navy’s, whites, nudes and creams. The only exception to this is red; it’s my favourite colour and I somehow slip it in to most of my outfits.  I’m a very feminine person so my wardrobe also contains a lot of pastels, which very occasionally I’ll include in an outfit. But the majority of the time I wear muted colours.
            Romantic fabrics and textures – silk, lace and chiffon alongside pleats and ruffles. 
Faux fur – I currently own 7 faux fur coats that I regularly wear, I also have about 4 I will be selling later on this year. I’m very against animal skins being used in fashion and I strongly advise all of my followers to read my article here
Pearls – I nearly always wear pearl earrings and/or a pearl necklace. I think they set the tone for my entire look.
Black and white combinations – I’d say the majority of my outfits are black and white. Its classic and its understated.
Sequins – I adore sequins, I love anything sparkly and glamorous and I save my sequins for special nights out.
Oversized sunglasses – Dark tints with bug eye frames
Lingerie – You could call my obsession with lingerie somewhat unhealthy. I have well over 300 bras and goodness knows how many bottom halves. Throw in the babydolls, chemises, suspenders, stockings and before I knew it my rooms overflowing with silk and lace! I adore Agent Provocateur and I have spent well over a hundred pounds before on a single bra. My lingerie collection has caused a great deal of problems, from storing it to opening bank statements.
Key elements – Peter pan collars, pussy bows, ribbon, black tights and shift dresses
Favourite designers – Valentino, Chanel, Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Jenny Packham, Miu Miu, Chloe, Elie Saab, Yves Saint Laurent and Temperley London. All the classics!
What you won’t find in my wardrobe

   Denim – I find denim to be far to casual. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in years and the idea of a denim jacket makes me feel quite ill.

 Trousers – Its not just jeans that I avoid, its trousers in general.

      Prints – Less is more is a rule I live by, anything to busy only takes away class and elegance. Very few items in my wardrobe contain prints and if they do they are subtle and floral.
Teenage Clique related – goth, emo, hipster
 Masculine clothing – baggy t-shirts and caps
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