• I have had a bit of a spending splurge on Agent Provocateur lingerie, It’s one of those purchases which you know is completely pointless and certainly not nessersary, but the impulse to spend hundreds on a couple of meters of lace overpowers you.

    The underwear is packaged like a box of chocolates. A pretty pink bag topped off with a big black bow, the box; candy pink enveloped in a satin black ribbon. Once opened, the lingerie is embraced in black tissue paper, carefully folded and sealed with an A.P. sticker. Now that beats a box of chocolates.

    (Sorry about the quality of some of the photos – my SLR was being used elsewhere and I had to use a very old standard point and shoot – urgh) 


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    1. January 12, 2014 / 10:41 am

      so beautiful! I love Agent Provocateur's swimwear too

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