A lingerie love affair

“Being naked is a declaration of an intention. Wearing suspenders is a secret”
Anonymous Twentieth-century French quote

For me lingerie is the most empowering part of my outfit. It’s my secret little bit of luxury that is hidden from view; a second skin made up of silk, lace and ribbon. It’s personal and private and I have complete control over its seductive effect.

Your underwear is the closest thing to your body, and yet so many women wear a mix match of M&S basic briefs and a poorly fitted bra. Some women spend hours exfoliating; moisturising, tanning, hair removing and perfecting every inch of their body only to completely ignore the next layer. Choosing my lingerie in the morning is one of my favourite parts about getting ready, and I live by this very easy, yet so commonly ignored rule; always wear matching underwear. WHY this is so hard for women I don’t know. We match our nail varnish to the colour of our handbag, and we’d never wear odd socks but for some bizarre reason so many women think nothing of wearing a pair of black briefs with a pink and white bra. Start as you mean to go on.

When I buy a dress I don’t just buy a handbag and a pair of shoes to match. I also buy some lovely lace lingerie to complement my outfit and make me feel extra glamorous. What’s the point of putting something elegant and pretty over something that you wouldn’t want to be seen in? I think the female form is one of nature’s most beautiful creations and lingerie is the ribbon bow to top it off. I suppose my attitude towards lingerie is very French and I think nothing of spending my money on itsy-bitsy pieces of silk. I don’t like tacky lingerie, instead I like pieces that are playful but elegant  – and that’s a very fine line. 

The second rule I go by? I never buy my lingerie for a man; I buy it for my own self-indulgence. I couldn’t give two hoots if a man thought I looked sexy or not, because what’s important is that I feel sexy. Unfortunately this is another rule that a lot of women ignore. Ladies stop trying to impress men and instead dress to spoil YOURSELF.  

My own lingerie collection is a rather large assortment of lace, silk, chiffon and ribbons. I have over 300 bras and goodness knows how many bottom halves, then add on the chemises, baby dolls, suspenders and stockings and I’ve suddenly got quite a bit of a storage problem! Not to mention my expensive taste that leaves my bank account begging for mercy. Forget what men want, lingerie is MY biggest weakness. 

Here are my favourite lingerie brands and I recommend that every woman who reads this at least goes to their local retailer and tries something on. I promise you that you’ll suddenly feel sexier, more feminine and more confident. 

You can read about some of my Agent Provocateur purchases here.


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