A look back at some of my favourite moments of 2013!

It’s been a delicious year
Being a foodie, its not much of a surprise that yummy scrumptiousness was a recurring theme during 2013. This year I baked more than ever, learning new skills and gaining a better understanding of the baking process.  I also made the most of the cafes and restaurants in London, especially when my mum came up for a few days where I treated her to dinner at the Yacht London and afternoon tea. Whilst one of my New Year resolutions is to be more healthy with my food choices, I think it’s fairly evident I might not be able to stick to that! 

 1. Homemade chocolate medallions // 2. Homemade Blackberry butter // 3. Whisky chocolate truffles with chocolate shards // 4. Rose cupcakes // 5. Raspberry heart shaped victoria sponge // 6. Homemade raspberry and cream tartlets with shimmering almonds // 7. My raspberry heart shaped sponge // 8. Jam drops ready for the oven // 9. Fresh breakfast in the sun // 10. Patisseries at Selfridges, London // 11. Cakes in South Kensington // 12. Lily Vanilli on Columbia Road // 13. Freshly picked strawberries from the garden // 14. A vintage cake shop in Somerset // 15. White chocolate crepes for a tube breakfast // 16. A sharing board at Lesley Waters restaurant // 17. Dinner at the Yacht London // 18. Tapas at Sabraso, Holland Park // 19. Salted caramel at The Hollies in Somerset // 20. Treacle tart and truffles in Somerset // 21. White chocolate and raspberry mousse at Selfridges // 22. Ispahan at Laduree, Covent Garden // 23. Afternoon tea at Number Twelve, Bloomsbury // 24. Hot chocolates at Lesley Waters restaurant

It’s been a green and pleasant year 
When it comes to my home county of Somerset and the great British countryside, it’s safe to say I’m a bit of an advocate. I’m passionate about history and preserving a more traditional, simple way of life so this year I’ve spent a lot of time photographing National Trust properties and enjoying countryside merriments. In the summer I visited my best friend Annie in West Sussex where we spent several days basking in the sun and watching polo at Cowdray Polo club.

This year I spent a lot of my time at National Trust properties and gardens photographing everything from gothic architecture to blooming roses. I shot my first fashion film at Barrington Court in Somerset amongst the fountains and garden walls emblazoned with ivy, somewhere I was very honoured to include in my work. This year I also visited Lytes Cary Manor, Hestercombe gardens and Montacute House which provides the most breathtaking views.

In-between walking my dogs through picturesque greenery and watching the most spectacular hues twist and form in the sky as the sun sets I made an effort to embrace the simple life. Somerset is a traditionally British place and provides a fantastic way of life. This year I picked wild blackberries for my baking, pressed flowers, ate vegetables grown from my friends farm, drank local cider, relaxed by rivers and enjoyed the family fun at village fates.

I always feel very lucky to be able to go between London and Somerset and despite their contrasting differences, I love them equally.

1. Horses at the Kingsbury fair in Somerset // 2. Somerset fair sign post // 3. Me drinking Pimms in the sun // 4. Enjoying the sun overlooking the lake at Petworth House, West Sussex // 5. Sitting under white hydrangeas in Somerset // 6. The beautiful countryside // 7. Watching the Black Bears play polo at Cowdray Polo Club, West Sussex // 8. A visit to Lytes Cary Manor, Somerset // 9. Fairy doors made by children in a Somerset woodland // 10. The orangery at Hestercombe Gardens // 11. An elegant swan at Hestercombe Gardens // 12. The pub garden of my local in Somerset // 13. Flowers everywhere in Somerset // 14. Me walking my dogs // 15. Beautiful roses // 16. Glorious views at Hestercombe Gardens // 17. A little red post box in the middle of a wood // 18. My sister and I watching the sunset after an afternoon of blackberry picking // 19. My favourite sunset of the year in Somerset // 20. Lytes Cary Manor gardens beginning to bloom in Spring // 21. Barrington Court where I shot my first fashion film 
It’s been a fashionable year
Throughout this year I have built up my styling portfolio, working with several designers on lookbooks, assisting and styling my own, in particular styling an editorial for Flur magazine and assisting on the cover editorial for the international issue of Urban Coco magazine. I styled my first mens wear lookbook this year and also directed, filmed, edited and styled my first fashion film. 2013 also saw me complete my Fashion styling and photography fda at The London College of Fashion and make it onto the BA course for the final year where I will be creating a fashion magazine for my final major project.
My blog has also had a successful year being featured in The Arts London News and plans for big collaborations are in process. I can’t say thank you enough for all the support Ive had from my lovely followers, the comments and emails have been so encouraging and its so wonderful to know people are enjoying my blog! I don’t want to give to much away about next year but I know it will be an even more fashionable year!
1. A feminine and delicate look // 2. A vintage chic look // 3. Bright colours for spring // 4 – 6. My styling work for Flur Magazine // 7 – 9. My styling work for Spring Bloom // 10. Vogue Paris archives at LCF // 11. Jewellery ready for a shoot // 12. University research // 13. Meadham Kirchoff at the Victoria and Albert museum // 14. Collar love // 15. Purple silk gown // 16. My outfit for my cousins wedding // 17. Red and gold details at the wedding // 18. Styling the beautiful Meg for Spring Bloom // 19. Styling and filming my first fashion film ‘The Wendy House’ // 20. editing ‘The Wendy House’ // 21. Pretty details from ‘The Wendy House’ 
It’s been a ‘loving London’ year
London never fails to amaze me, each year I look back and can’t quite believe how much I’ve done, what I’ve seen and still how much is left to enjoy! It is such a vibrant and electric city with hidden gems around every corner. This year has been particularly special because my Mum, grandparents and my sister have joined me in London three times this year, allowing me to show them my life in the big city. At the start of the year my Grandparents joined my mum and I for a trip to the V&A and the Natural History Museum, then in March I treated my mum to a weekend of surprises visiting museums, restaurants, Columbia road flower market and vintage markets. My sister Zoe also enjoyed sampling the night life and shopping trips! 
In September I experienced the ‘Neverland’ world of warehouse living, which was extremely fun and I met some of the most amazing people, however due to being to far from university I decided to move to South West London. Living a walk away from the museums has been a blessing! There have been some fantastic exhibitions in london this year and I made the most of my V&A membership by visiting the museum as often as I could, recently the pearl exhibition which is stunning. Earlier in the year I visited the Hollywood costume exhibition where some of my favourite outfits included he blue ball gown worn by Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast at tiffany’s iconic dress, Nicole Kidman’s feathery number that she wore whilst swinging over a sea of men in Moulin Rouge, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white halter neck dress! It was one of my favourite exhibitions to date! Somerset house also held the Valentino exhibition was beautiful. Just when I think London can’t give me anymore, it then treats me to some of the most memorable events of the year! 
1. Mother and I during her summer visit to London // 2. A ‘Mary Poppins’ chalk drawing in South Kensington // 3. Relaxing by the pond at the Victoria and Albert museum // 4. The view of big ben whilst catching a black cab in the rain // 5. Vibrant flowers on Columbia road // 6. Me at Camden market // 7. Me enjoying the view of the thames on The Yacht london // 8. Earl Grey, scones and my new Victoria and Albert membership // 9. The British museum // 10. One of the dresses featured in Marie Antoinette at the Hollywood costume exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum // 11. Me holding my flowers from Columbia flower market // 12. An Egyptian statue at the British Museum // 13. My Mum enjoying dinner at the Yacht London // 14. The view of St Pauls cathedral over dinner at The Barbecoa // 15. Flowers at Columbia road // 16. Inside the British Museum // 17. Me overlooking a map of central London // 18. Souvenirs from the Valentino exhibition at Somerset House

It’s been a glamourously shaken year 
If you’ve been following me for a while, you will probably know that I love a good cocktail. This year I was introduced to a variety of cocktail bars so every week my friends and I took it upon ourselves to test each one! The french martini still remains my favourite; classic and understated, but the flaming Zombie (a devilishly fruity drink topped with flames) and the porn star martini that comes in a giant martini glass are not far behind! For my birthday I received a beautiful set of vintage cocktail glasses that now sit next to an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, pink feathers, a Vogue cocktail book and some Agent Provocateur playing cards in my bedroom making up my mini retro bar! Cocktails anonymous here I come!
1. Pornstar martini at Jewel bar // 2. My mini bar in my bedroom // 3. Cocktails at B-Soho // 4. French martinis at The Living Room, Regent Street // 5. Me with my favourite cocktails // 6. Flaming Zombie cocktails // 7. Cocktails in Piccadilly // 8. Cosmopolitan at home // 9. French martini’s and mojitos 

It’s been a celebratory year
The parties and celebrations have been endless this year and I feel very blessed to have such good friends in London and back home. My best friends Woo and Annie joined me in our usual haunts such as DSTRKT, Whisky Mist and Amika whilst back in Somerset the celebrations took place in gardens, barns and pubs. In the Summer my good friends celebrated their anniversary with an incredible garden party that definitely still stands as one of my favourite nights ever. In 2013 I also went to my first ever festival; the magical world of Secret Garden Party. It’s the closest thing to wonderland on this planet – 4 days of beautiful sun, art, music until 6am, faithless, Regina Spektor, incredible friends, glitter, secret woodland parties, clubs you can only access via boat or swimming, lake stages, paint wars, costumes, vintage shopping, dance offs, a wedding, mud wrestling, a mini zoo, the red arrows, fireworks, fairgrounds, dancing and more fun than I thought was possible. Tickets at the ready for 2014!
1. My sister and I having cocktails in plymouth // 2. Woo and I at Whisky Mist, Mayfair // 3. Annie and I at Fez nightclub, Putney // 4. Charlotte and I at Madame Jojos, Soho // 5. Enjoying wine in the morning after a party in Somerset // 6. Woo, Annie and I during a nightout at DSTRKT // 7. Partying in Camden // 8. Garden party in Somerset // 9 – 12. My friends summer party in Somerset // 13. Listening to Bastille at Secret Garden Party // 14-18. Amazing friends and I at The Secret Garden Party
It’s been a memorable year. 
There have been so many memorable events during 2013, no wonder this year felt so hectic! My mum, grandparents and my sister joined me in London on several occasions making the most of what London has to offer. In April I celebrated my 22nd birthday with afternoon tea at the Jane Austen tea rooms in Bath, a trip to the Roman Baths and the prettiest gifts, cake and treats. My sister also had a big year, travelling around Australia for 5 months and then starting university in September! In the summer my family attended my cousins wedding in Devon which was a beautiful day and it was lovely being able to see all of my extended family. Later on in the year we also celebrated my Grandparents golden wedding anniversary. 50 years is such an inspiration and I couldn’t be happier for them, they truly are golden in every sense of the word.
1. Breakfast on my birthday // 2. A new book for my 22nd birthday and macaroons // 3. Bath during my birthday // 4. Evening outfit for my cousins wedding // 5. Beautiful birthday gifts and my cake // 6. My auntie Jane, sister, myself and my mum at my cousins wedding // 7. My sister welcome home meal after her trip to australia // 8. Wearing red at the wedding // 9. Delicious dessert at the wedding // 10. Mum and I during a trip to Plymouth // 11. Afternoon tea at the Jane Austen Tea rooms in Bath for my birthday // 12. My outfit for my Grandparents golden wedding anniversary // 13. Smoked salmon and caviar at the wedding // 14. My wedding outfit // 15. Wedding makeup // 16. Birthday outfit // 17. Afternoon tea my mum and I had at home // 18. Drinks with my sister at the start of the summer
And its been a fabulous finish! 
Christmas this year was brillaint – I want to do it all over again! My mum and sister joined me in London to check out the christmas lights throughout the city, admire the Harrods window display and enjoy a spot of Christmas shopping! Then back in Somerset Christmas day ticked all the festive boxes with lots of food, drink, laughs, presents and most importantly the best part was spending quality time with my family. This year I decorated the tree in pink/plum, gold, and green decorations and mum matched her wrapping paper to the colours leaving my sister and I in awe as we walked down the stairs christmas morning. I went for a more traditional approach using vintage music paper and red ribbon to create old fashioned wrapping. A few days later I hosted a Christmas themed afternoon tea for my family, making everything from scratch and trying out lots of new recipes. Everything went down a treat and it was a real pleasure to be able to entertain my loved ones. New Year’s eve was spent at my local pub with my friends. The Caribbean theme attracted most of the surrounding villages and it was a merry knees-up with half the pub dancing on tables until 6.30 in the morning. After a few hours sleep the party continued on New Years day until the storm outside meant we had to stay at the pub for the night – cue cider, scrabble and a lot of laughs! The whole festive period was a tremendous finish for what has been such a brilliant year! And what a start to 2014! 
1. Regent Street christmas lights // 2. Christmas at Selfridges // 3. Valentino in the Harrods window display // 4. Decorations in Holborn // 5. Feeling festive in my red coat // 6. Yves Saint Laurent in the Selfridges windows // 7. Candy canes in Covent Garden // 8. A beautiful Christmas // 9. Presents for mum // 10. Coco modelling the finest christmas decorations // 11. Me enjoying mulled wine on Christmas day // 12. Chase found a star! // 13. Vintage themed wrapping // 14. My christmas presents // 15. My christmas themed afternoon tea 
I wish everyone the very best in 2014 and I look forward to sharing the year ahead with you all! Thank you again for everyones support with my blog, my styling and in life! You are all wonderful!

All of the above photos are from my instagram account @jennafifi
Please feel free to have a look or follow my IG as I share special moments in 2014! 🙂

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