Winter trends – Scandinavian style!

Even though the plummeting temperatures are roughly the same every year, nothing can quite prepare me for the shocking first breath of ice cold air that fills my lungs when I step outside on a December morning. Armoured in a faux fur coat, ankle boots and carefully constructed layers I am reassured that aside from my flushing cheeks, I will be warm. A large majority of my winter outfits may seem practical and ushered on by the blistering cold, but they are infact influenced by a rising trend. And I expect it’s a trend you’ve probably adorned once or twice too.
Fashion trends have usually been created, documented and exported from particular countries, however in recent years, there has been growing popularity and interest in a trend that does not derive from the original five fashion capitals of the world. Northern Europe is responsible for the effortlessly chic, practical and achievable trend that is ‘Scandimania.’ 
Stockholm in particular is home to acclaimed fashion bloggers and style icons who are hailed for their minimalist outfits and faultlessly structured combinations of colour, lines and shapes. Whilst Nordic style may be reaching far and wide through the internet, it is also storming the front row on the highstreet, with Swedish stores such as H&M now considered familiar and necessary shopping pit-stops. Not far behind are labels such as COS and Acne, which all channel the scandnavian style right onto British soil.
It’s a trend I’ve admired for a long time so I’ve teamed up with* to show you how to create  Scandanavian style, which couldn’t be more perfect for the chilly season ahead.
Scandi-style is all about androgynous, masculine shapes, simple but statement garments, muted colours, all black outfits and winter practicality with ankle boots and faux fur. Here I’ve put together a Nordic look with a heavy use of black, simple accessories and a chunky faux fur coat. These are my favourite picks, but there are a huge variety of Scandi-style garments over at so if you’re looking for a cool, effortless and enviably snug winter outfit, be sure to have a browse. I’d love to know what you think, and whether your wardrobe has scandanavian influences?

*This post is sponsored by I have been paid by ASOS to write this post but all opinions, words and style boards are my own and are 100% honest. 
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