Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her 2015 – 47 Chic Ideas!

Valentines day is fast approaching so Gentlemen, if you haven’t already found the perfect present for your beau, then this gift guide may just put you on the right path. There are a multitude of ways to show your love for someone, be it splurging on something dream-worthy, or channeling your personal experiences with your love into a budget friendly but deeply romantic treasure. The most important thing is that you’ve put some effort into making valentines a memorable day for both of you. Thoughtfulness and a little planning can go very, very far. 
Please, please don’t be one of those many chaps filling petrol station queues with their male counterparts, armed with a feeble bouquet of deep pink (but definitely not red) carnations and a hideously, over embossed card that features a nauseating heart patten and a taxidermy creature that could be a hamster, or maybe a bear. Either way it doesn’t matter because you know the added embellishment of goggly eyes – shudders – will make your ladies heart melt. You feel accomplished by your natural awareness of what women want and you high five all the other queuing Casanovas on the way out. Then, you realise there’s actually something sprawled across the front, so you scan the card for the word ‘mum’ during the entire drive to meet your special, special girl, enough to reassure yourself that the generic, italic, sweet nothings written in the swirliest font known to man will guarantee you brownie points. Oh, you old romantic you. 
Whilst the list below features a mixture of high end and bargain gifts, I definitely don’t think Valentines day is about material items. My favourite gifts have, and always will be the thoughtful, precious things that cost very little but shout ‘I love you’ louder then any diamond necklace. So if you are able to make it more personal, then definitely do it! 
Ladies, if you’re also lusting after one or two gifts below why not drop some hints to your Valentine by leaving this on your screen. You’re welcome! 

A little indulgence
If the words ‘Valentines day present’ conjures up ideas of glamorous luxury and intimate adoration, then fragrance, silk fabrics and sumptuous shades of red should be at the top of your list. 

Letter press love
Never underestimate the printed word. Flowing typography, embossed illustrations and textured paper that your fingertips lust after bring warmth to the heart with every turn of the page.

Home is where the heart is
Shower her surroundings with heartwarming gifts that will not only remind her of how much you love her, but will be deeply treasured.

For your sweetheart
Whilst everyone loves sweet gifts that last forever, sweet gifts that last 5 minutes are also greatly appreciated! For me, food plays a big role in romance. Everything from the extravagant eight course dinner at the restaurant of your dreams, to the series of culinary mishaps that have you both in fits of laughter. Food has a habit of creating special memories. Valentines day is a great excuse to indulge in your favourite delectable treats and you really can’t go wrong with a chocolaty concoction. 

What are you hoping for this Valentines day?

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