Long Live Our Wardrobes: 15 Garment Care Tips Everyone Should Know

In celebration of their 10th consecutive season as the Official Garment Care Supplier of London Fashion Week, LG have been conducting some pretty interesting, and rather eye-opening research about the way we deal with spills and stains on our precious garments. The research is quite surprising, and highlights just how much we value clean and flawless clothes. The research found that a third of people actually called off first dates, nights out or cancelled a job interview because of a food or drink mishap. The research even found that one in five men will pull out of a career changing opportunity due to stains and 17% of women would take the day off work. I’ll certainly admit to spilling drinks and food down me (life tip – always bring a long scarf) but 90% of people wouldn’t tell someone if they had a mishap. This got me thinking, as a freelance fashion stylist and cake baker I’ve gathered some real gems of advice when it comes to stain removal and garment care. I’d hate to think a friend would cancel a night out simply because of some spilt foundation, especially when I have a tried and tested way of getting it out! So here are some tips and tricks that have saved me some embarrassment, and certainly extended the life of many of my clothes. 

The care label knows more then you

Always, always read the care label before washing your garment, especially when it’s brand new. This might seem obvious but it often gets overlooked. By following the care label you can avoid shrinking (particularly wool and silk in hot water), fading and other damage to your clothes.

Get better acquainted with your washing Machine
Taking a little time to read the instruction manual and read up on what each button and knob does will make washing your beloved clothes a far quicker and more efficient process.

It’s all navy
There’s a big enthasis on keeping whites white. But that little black number, and your favourite pair of navy jeans also need some special attention to keep their dark colour. To avoid fading, simply wash dark clothes inside out.

Waiter, water and ice please?
If you’ve dropped chocolate milkshake (like I did with these beauties) or any other delicious food down your favourite top, reach for some ice water first. Dabbing ice water where the food has dropped will prevent stains from setting in. But be sure to use a dabbing motion, and definitely don’t rub. 

Too many lipstick kisses 

If you’re lucky enough to be dotted in red lipstick or your favourite rouge shade just tumbled all the way down your dress, head straight to your bread bin. White bread can blot out red lipstick and anything left on your garment should come out in the washing machine. Simply cut off the crust, roll the bread into a little ball and blot away. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Know your stain
When in doubt, always check for specific stain removal advice. I often refer to this stain directory, and it’s never failed me yet!

It socks to be lonely
Maybe the guys over at LG know where all the odd socks go, because I definitely don’t! I’ve resorted to keeping mine in fine-mesh bags and my socks stay put and paired. It’s a game changer!

Baby powder those grease and fat stains 
As a baker, I’ve learnt to live with, and love butter. When I’m merrily icing cakes and mixing, it’s very easy to get a drop on my clothing. My new apron is still too pretty for me to not fuss over, so before washing it I sprinkle baby powder over the grease stains, sweep off any excess and leave it for a few minutes. Just repeat until the stain has disappeared, and it works like a treat every time.

Tights TLC 

To prevent ladders in your tights, spray hairspray over them before heading out. And always carry a clear nail polish with you to paint the edges of the rip and stop it getting any worse. 

Stretch out new shoes, without the pain 
Fill up two sealable bags with water and place each one inside the shoes. For hygiene reasons, place the shoes into another sealable bag and then leave them in your freezer overnight. Water expands when it freezes so it will break your shoes in for you. I bet you wish you’d heard that sooner!

Red, red wine

It’s not only white wine that removes a fresh splash of red, but milk, salt and cat litter also do the trick. If the stain has dried (because you’ve been having to much fun dancing to care), shaving cream is your best bet. Spray some onto the completely dry stain and wash normally. But on a serious note, don’t waste wine.
Foundation marks 
Pretty white collar, check, foundation marks all over it after one day of wear, we’ve all been there! This is definitely one of my wear and tear heartbreaks, because I simply adore collars. The best trick I’ve found is using shaving cream on the marks and letting it sit for half an hour. Afterwards wash the garment as usual and it will come out all sparkling new, ready for another day of foundation brushing.

Loosen stuck zips

If your zip is jammed, simply apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to to it with a cotton bud and the zip should move with more ease. 

Our old friend, Vodka – If you just haven’t got the time to wash and dry something, but it smells a little worse for wear, spray vodka onto it and let it dry. The alcohol will kill odour-causing bacteria! There, a liver friendly way to use vodka, all without a hangover!

Caring for intimates
Whilst most basic underwear can now go into the washing machine protected in a fine-mesh bag, expensive, silk or delicate lingerie should always be hand washed, especially if it has pretty beading or lace details. Always handwash delicate lingerie in cool or tepid water, add a small amount of washing powder and gently rub your garments and finish by rinsing with cold water.

If you have anymore helpful advice on pesky stains or protecting your clothes then please feel free to leave them in the comments so they can be shared with others! 🙂 Meanwhile, head over to LG to explore their washing machine range and see why it’s important to have a quality machine to look after all your lovely garments. 

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